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Reset has sucessfully taken place. We've got a new map, new arenas and much more, join and check it out!

As a good start, we've worked a bit on Bending. First is a new attack, AirGlide, an air attack that lets the player use the much hyped elytra. Flying with AirGlide is easier than flying with the regular elytra, you'll get a speedboost when looking up so you can fly as long with it as you want.

Furthermore we've added a cool feature to tremorsense. Aslong as the attack is used and the player is standing on the ground, it'll give entities within 35 blocks range a glow/highlight, this glow can be seen through walls and even underground. Players will have a glow color in accordance with their element.

More updates are planned for Bending in the future, so stay tuned!
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Hello everyone, it's been a while since the last post. We've worked on Bending, by adding more attacks, here are the updates summed up.
  • New attacks (AirBlade, FireShots, DaggerThrow)
  • Redone attacks (IceCrash, IceSpike)
  • EarthPunch now has improved aiming and stands still in the air before launching.
  • Fireworks on death are color of element player was killed with.
  • Fixes & Optimizations
  • Upcoming attack, Grapple for Chi. -COMPLETE
Any bugs with bending or attacks that do permanent land damage? Report it so we can fix it. Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Have a good one.
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Hello everyone, I've finished selecting new mentors, this was the first round and especially for Factions there were a lot of good applications, but I can't always choose all, so I've selected some based on their timezone, experience with bending and their ability to help others.

  • Hiccup
  • Coolstare
  • Kirapink
  • Wexman6
  • Awesomistika
  • Ember
We've also hired a new helper on Survival, Emberstone. Survival could use some extra staff and we thought that Emberstone would be more useful on Survival as a helper than as a mentor. There clearly are less mentors on survival than factions, so I'm leaving the applications for Survival open, we might or might not hire a new mentor on there, after a week it'll be definitely closed. Factions applications are definitely closed.

As for the Bending news, we've finished redoing IceSpike and IceCrash and we have a new fire move upcoming for today, stay tuned!
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Hello, the server has been moved to a new machine, our new host has a premium network with protection against future attacks. The new machine is located in NYC, but thanks to the improved network people in west-coast USA might even have a better ping, people from europe will definitely have a better latency. The processor (i7 3770) is also a bit better compared to our old CPU.

The planned features and new attacks are still being worked on!
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Hello everyone, here's an update on recent events and what we have planned for the future. It's also the server's 3 year anniversary, it's been 3 years since I founded the server on my desktop pc and the server's had a lot of changes and updates since then, but most of all I hope that people will continue to enjoy playing on the server as that was my goal when creating the server, to create a fun and enjoyable Bending server.

Recent and upcoming Bending changes:
  • Air effects have been completely redone
  • AirBlast has been improved
  • EarthLine has been improved and buffed
  • Shockwave can now be instantly used using swing
  • IceSpike and IceCrash will be completely re-made.
  • New attack planned for air, fire and water
  • Earth defense buf reduced
  • Bug fixes
Recent server and upcoming changes:
  • Raw farmables have been added to the shops of survival and factions
  • New paintball arenas
  • New items to be...
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Hello, we've moved to a new machine. We had previously mentioned that it was located in Quebec, Canada, but we couldn't acquire it. We found a decent one located in New York, US. This was the closest we could get it to europe. This should improve the ping drastically for players located in the US, a down-side might be that players located at europe no longer have a ping of < 50ms. We did check out how much of our playerbase was located where and we found out that US had the greatest part of our player base and the other major locations were located in west-europe. People from west-europe should still have a reasonable ping, this is because usually european connections are much faster and better connected than those of the US. (blame verizon or comcast)

The machine has somewhat the same specifications, only the ram has been reduced to 16GB, this means we'll no longer be able to keep the server up for more than 4 days without restarting, this isn't a big deal as we'll just schedule...
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Hello everyone,

The reset is near, we're almost done with all the preparations so we could pin down a date. It'll be around this time, I've tried to keep the time a bit reasonable for US players, so it should be around 7AM washington DC and 3 PM european time.

Here are some pictures of how spawn should look like. Bending in enemy territory is also being worked on and is likely to be ready right with the reset. All players will also be immediately teleported to a random place, to avoid people fighting on the edge of spawn. Blackmarket has also had some changes, checkout the topic of the thread 'Rethinking factions', farmables can't be directly sold but have to be somehow used for other items (like cake or cookies). Certain products are harder to produce than the others, the prices also fluctuate a bit, but changes can always be made. Additional info on the reset might be posted later....
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Hello everyone, here's an update on what's happened and what's going on.

The factions server will (probably) reset within a few months, the reset date was postponed due to school beginning for most players, thus sometime near winter break would be best so that everyone has the time to play.

Survival has also had some minor changes, added the blacklist kicking that was requested, we also added eggcatcher, it lets you catch animals using eggs, but with a fee, see the suggestion thread for all prices. I've also added enchantment tables and cakes as sell-able items on the survival blackmarket.

I've invested a tiny bit into advertising, so if you see any new players it would be appreciated if you could help them and explain how things work.

That's all folks. Have a good one.